The Development And Popularity Of The Elizabethan Theatre

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The Development and Popularity of the Elizabethan Theatre

I. Introduction
Hook: What type of entertainment could have been available in the Elizabethan era without actors or tv? A. Elizabethan Era
1. Forms of Entertainment
Elizabethan entertainment was very important to the people, as it gave them a chance to take a break form their hard lives. a. “Court entertainment was regular, often nightly occurrence combined with feasts, jousts, and banquets often occompainies by music and dancing. But the poor people enjoyed entertainment from acting toupes, tournaments, dancing, trained animals, mumers (dancers), mystery plays, jugglers, and strolling players. Games, sports, gaming, and gambling also played an important part in
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Many men used it from 1594 to 1596, which was the beginning of the Elizabethan Theatre. B. Development
The Theatre” was build in a similar style to the Roan Coliseum, but on a smaller scare. The Elizabethan ampithetre was designed to hold a capacity of up to 3000 people.” (
“They combined their experiences of the inn-yards with the other forms of entertainment and produced an amphitheeare. This was created by modifying the features of the existing blood sports rings with the affition of a fixed stage, unlike the trestly supported stage use in the inn-yards. This allowed the stage productions to become fare more sophisticated with the use of props and a much larger stage area for the actors complete with trap-doors. (

2. Popularity of “The Theatre” a. Audience and Profit
“For the common people it was relatively affordable. The working class people would show up and pay their penny to stand in the front of the stage- while weathier people whould pay for their seats.” (
Another theatre called The Curtain had to be built to accommodate the overflow audiences. The technical name for such as theatre was an easer.
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