The Development And Technological Structures

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In the present day world, development and technological progressions are the two central points that improve the development and globalization of organizations. Corporate pioneers must empower advancement and technological development in all sectors of corporations. This incorporates urging the corporate staff to share data, thoughts, imaginative abilities, and learning. Another way that corporate administration energizes inventive and mechanical development in associations is through the inspiration of the corporate workforce. The employees should be motivated to deliver the best results. Corporate pioneers should likewise show creative abilities and empower innovative development by leading as an example. They should share creative…show more content…
Uber used disruptive innovation which is an innovation that creates new markets, value network and eventually disrupts an existing market, value network and displacing established market leading firms, products, and alliances. Uber used this to its full potential by providing a simpler, affordable and modernized way to use cab. It has not only disrupted the market for cab but has also disrupted the market for car ownership. It aims at providing services lower than the costs of owning a car. Uber is designed for commuters in such a way that they can get a cab at their convenience and at a cheaper rate than they would have if they owned a car. UberEats and UberRush are other services of Uber making life simpler and eliminating the need of a car for consumers. (Griffin, 2015)

The corporate leadership provided by founders of the organization gave a competitive advantage to Uber. They used the propelling innovation and came up with an application which gave comfort and an affordable answer for commuters. This usage of innovation changed the way the cab industry works and brought about disruption. The customer can simply call a cab with a click of a button on the smartphone as opposed to sitting and waiting for cabs. Uber application also gives you a chance to check the driver, his rating, his contact information and track where your cab is, the route are you going, and what is the fair you have to pay. This efficient use of technology
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