The Development Of A Child 's Life

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Children develop rapidly during their first years of life, and these years are a critical part in their development as this is when the foundation for future development is laid (National Down Syndrome Society, 2012). This project provided the mothers of San Carlos, Belize with information regarding developmental benchmarks to help detect developmental delays and provide early intervention when needed. This project also provided teacher training, and student access to E-readers in the village of Rancho Dolores. By helping to provide Rancho Dolores with e-readers, we aim to improve education by providing access to educational materials that may not otherwise be available in these remote areas.
Research shows that the first years of a child’s life are important, as this is when they develop many of the basic abilities and learning patterns that will influence the rest of their lives (Park, 2008). “Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act, and move” (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2016). It is important that parents be aware of these milestones, because parents who have a better understanding of child development usually are more proactive in seeking support services for their child (Park, 2008). With ten new babies being born in San Carlos in the past year, it is imperative that the mothers have knowledge of developmental milestones, so that they are able to monitor their children and seek intervention the appropriate intervention when
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