The Development Of A Driverless Car

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Introduction With the advancement in technologies and researches, driverless vehicles, or autonomous car, would soon be more realistic and common replacement to our traditional cars. Several major companies and organization have been working on the development for this technology. In 1980, Mercedes Benz undertook the UREKA Prometheus project and built their first driverless car. “Late in 2007, six autonomous vehicles successfully completed a 90 kilometer test course of simulated urban traffic” (Hars, 2010). In the beginning of 2013, we had the autonomous car although it was in development stage. It could drive autonomously for hundreds of thousands of miles. These technologies started showing up in the market for consumer with some improvement to the system: Cruise control: It keeps the car in constant speed without applying gas by the driver. Anti-lock brakes: This system has the ability to prevent the locking of brakes, when the driver fully applying for brakes. Stability and traction control: This system uses digital encoder. It uses different sensors to determine dangerous situations such as car skid or roll over, and tries to prevent it. It is able to monitor the car’s direction speed, and contact pressure between the wheels and the road. The system also could apply brakes or adjust the pressure on each wheel when the car goes out of control. Pre-accident system: It’s an imminent sensor which activates during a car crash and reduces the injuries. This system is able
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