The Development Of A Police Officer

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The Development of a Police Officer The development of America’s police officers consists of many elements. These elements are what influence police behavior and action. Throughout time, the concept of policing has been redefined to fit the needs of the time. Originally, the police were a symbol of power and control and used to eliminate enemies of kings and pharaohs. As time move forward, the concept of policing changed the nature of soldiers into policemen. In today’s times, police officers are considered public servants to the people. They are charged with upholding, defending and protecting the freedoms of all citizens. To meet this objective, police departments use one of two approaches; community policing and the concept of…show more content…
Nevertheless, the police force did help maintain civil order within society. It wasn’t until the 1800s in England where the concept of policing emerged and would redefine the purpose and responsibility of a police officer. During England’s medieval times, police functions was the responsibility of local individuals since most of England were primarily rural. Male members of clans or neighborhoods were charged to patrol and keep the peace in their respective area. This type of policing was called the frankpledge, which required all males above the age of 12 to participate in these patrol duties. As the Industrial revolution helped evolved the cities of England, it became apparent that the increase of poverty, joblessness and overcrowding became major issues for the government to maintain order. These issues were the main causes for the tremendous increase in crime (Gaines et al, 2014). Efforts by the government (to include more laws and harsher punishments) did little to stop the rise of crime and disorder. Mostly due to the disorganization of their police force. In addition, the violation of civil rights led to many cases of civil disobedience and riots. Government corruption was the main cause of citizens’ grief. The police force was mainly used to suppress civil disorderly by any means necessary which led to more resistance, protest and riots. These events led to many criminal justice
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