The Development Of American Law

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Here was the development of American Law. Americans updated the way of creating laws and pursuit from the beginning of the common law. Actually, to be an elected citizen representatives, the legislature suppose to make a law, named “statutes”. Therefore, courts must apply the law reasonably and regularly like the U.S. Constitution requested it. The same thing for American society, there is a big different during the Industrial Revolution, it established administrative regulations in order to leading public health and safety without having no doubt prosecution. Law is a rule of conduct usually accomplished in a style of a statute, as defined by our textbook, Criminal Justice Today, which prohibits or commands some standards of behaviour. However, people needs laws to maintain orders, without laws, we could not be safe or being a free nation. There are numerous groups and types of laws such as: Statutory Law, Case Law, Penal Code, Common Law, Civil Law, Rule of Law and Criminal Law that aid to maintain our society’s right and obligation today.
The Statutory Law is, “law on the books,” a written law that achieved by a government or agency and have the power of creating laws. Case Law is the judicial precedent shape that serves as an exemplary when making a decision especially in the courts. The Penal Code is a drafted, coordinated, and organized style of the criminal laws of a jurisdiction. Common Law is law that creating more from habit and management than from…
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