The Development Of Attachment Bonds

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The development of attachment bonds to other biological figures plays an important role in emotional development. Throughout life, an individual will form several relationships, some of which will be sincere and intimate while others will be superficial. However, collectively these relationships provide the foundation of our communities, families, and friendships and become essential to our survival as a species. A secure attachment bond can be classified as the interactive emotional relationship between a caregiver and infant involving the emotional responses of the caregiver to the infant 's cues (Bowlby, 1969). These emotional responses can be expressed in a variety of forms including gestures, sounds, or even movements. Thus, this interactive emotional relationship between the caregiver and infant brings the two closer together creating an environment that allows the infant to feel safe and secure, further developing their ability to communicate and interact with others (Bowlby, 1969). So, in talking about attachment bonds, how are attachments developed in the first place? Starting from birth, infants are essentially unattached emotionally to any significant figure and show no social discriminatory responses to anyone specific. As the baby grows and develops, they will enter the second phase in which they can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces, voices, and smells. At this point, they are not completely attached to any one individual, despite their
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