The Development Of Childhood Development

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Arguably, the most vital and significantly influential time in the development of a person’s being is during their childhood years.
Childhood development is the organic, emotional and mental changes that take place from birth, in progression to a more independent existence (Kail, 2011).
The importance of this period is premised upon the notion that these first few years from birth , are instrumentally irreplaceable in introducing a child to the first steps of developing into an independent individual, as well as commencing the length of developmental milestones that are to follow. Foundations in trust, security and stability are all constructed in these crucial years, and nerve connections established now will last a lifetime. Jean Piaget, a developmental psychologist who conducted extensive research in the field of childhood development, identified four stages in his theory of cognitive development, the first of which takes place entirely in the first two years of a child’s life and is known as the sensorimotor stage, where the child learns about their world through movement and use of their five senses. This highlights the significance of this stage. Consequently, any factor that inhibits the provision of the full, ideal nurturing environment , both internally and externally of the child, can prevent the child from flourishing in the three domains of child development socially, physically and cognitively and have a fundamentally detrimental impact on the child’s
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