The Development Of Children's Brand Preferences

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“The market is interested in getting to that child at the very beginning to begin to shape that’s child’s worldview, to begin to shape that child’s brand preferences.” (Barbaro, Young and Earp) Children are marketer’s main targets because children have young minds and are easy to persuade. Children will be the future consumers of America. They are very vulnerable and are being bombarded with many commercial messages every day. My youngest brother tends to believe everything he watches on TV. One day he came up to my mother and said “Mom you should buy the Charmin toilet paper it’s stronger than all the other toilet papers” he was obviously persuaded by the commercial. Marketers know that a child’s brain is like little a sponge it absorbs everything they hear and see. Marketer’s main goal is to get brand loyalty for life by teaching children that life is about wanting and buying. They want to turn children into lifelong consumers. I do not agree with commercialization of children it does not bring anything positive into their lives. Children commercialization affects the children’s values, mindset, and their future. These advertisements are harming them and some people fail to realize that. Children are being brainwashed with these commercials and being manipulated. “Girls are being taught that what they buy determines their value.” Children become easily persuaded and want what they see on TV. Some children are spoiled and get everything they ask for without a problem while
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