The Development Of Creativity : Literature Review And Critique

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The Development of Creativity: Literature Review and Critique Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements For PSYC4176: Advanced Child Psychology By Brittany Basco April, 17, 2017 Abstract The development of creativity has a history tied into many cultures, origins and studies. There are many traits that are related to creativity such as personality, intelligence, genetic factors, environmental factors and the “big five” in personality. The Development of Creativity: Literature Review and Critique Creativity is a construct that is defined in two parts according to traditional psychology: originality and functionality (Kersting, 2003). It is the ability to formulate novel ideas that are worthwhile long term. (Zhu,…show more content…
(Simonton, 2001)” The Unusual Use test is more known and measures divergent thinking by asking a participant to make up as many uses as they can for a random object. Their responses are scored on fluency, originality, and flexibility. (Simonton, 2001) Some assessments, such as the How Do You Think questionnaire, target the individual differences in the creative personality. This questionnaire “gauges whether a person has the interests, values, energy, self-confidence, humor, flexibility, playfulness, unconventionality, and openness associated with creativity (Davis, 1976)” History Creativity is has been a topic that highly of interests to many professionals for a while although it is often a field that is over neglected in research. This could be due to the complexity of its definition and due to its definition not being operationalized sufficiently. Guilford (1950) impacted the amount of research being done at the American Psychological Association convention when he called for there to be more research to be done in creativity. Its’ definition has a history of many contributions from a multitude of studies and is always changing as more research is being done. With in the 20th century, the topic of creativity has received much more attention. This could be due to the fact that psychology was not a formal discipline until the 1870’s. Simonton’s work hinted
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