The Development Of Cultural Tourism

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Nevertheless, the Association for Development of Cultural Tourism, known as Europa Nostra, nominated the Durrës Amphitheatre to ‘The 7 Most Endangered’ list in 2013. The importance of such a recommendation can help bring attention to the much needed renovation and preservation of this site. Europa Nostra believes having the Durrës amphitheater on the World Heritage List will have a big impact on the revitalization of the city. They also indicate, being placed on the list, would help put Durrës back on the map of historic sites in Europe. The amphitheater is one of the most remarkable heritage sites not only for Albania, but also for the whole of the Balkan region (Ponce de Leon, 2013). Restoration and Rehabilitation The consequence of the amphitheater being lost for over 500 years has resulted in chaotic urban planning. As the modern city of Durrës grew, it often developed right on top of the arena. Ultimately, the city’s organization has impacted the structural integrity and deterioration of the auditorium, since excavation (Figure 4; Molla, 2014:32). Further damage has taken place due to looting, which has added to the wear and tear to the building’s overall integrity (Karaiskaj, 2004:13). The amphitheater, along with the Byzantine mosaics and frescos are in dwindling condition (Jacques, 1995:154). Part of the poor form of the arena, can be traced to an ongoing presence of water. Even though at one point, there was a bilge water pump installed from 2005-2008, it
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