The Development Of Drug Addiction Essay

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Undoubtedly, a huge role in the women abuses plays by the biological characteristics of the development of drug addiction. The most important are features of a constitution and hormonal difference, which significantly affect the pharmacokinetics of drugs (NIAA, 2015). In general, women have a lower activity of hepatic enzymes related to drug metabolism. Resulting from the body weight and a higher ratio of fat tissue in relation to the muscle, there is a higher concentration of surfactant in the blood of women compared to men even while receiving similar doses of substance. A larger amount of adipose tissue significantly increases the absorption of lipophilic surfactants (PCP, marijuana) and their subsequent slow release. The action of drugs on the central nervous system also depends significantly on the human sexual affiliation. It is connected with the central mechanisms of neurotransmission mesocorticolimbic system in women, leading to a higher concentration of dopamine (Scott, 2015). In conclusion, it can be said that females are less resistant to the drugs, which leads to the faster habituation to complications when trying to overcome the addiction.
Another aspect to highlight lies in the scopes of the development of alcohol or drug abuse is the genetical factors of inheritance and genetic factors. Of course, there are numerous debates in the discussion labelled as nature or nurture, but the inheritance cannot be ignored. One of the research establishes that alcoholism
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