The Development Of Education During The Uk Since 1994

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Module 6.2 Changes and Development in Education Task 1 An overview of the development of education in the UK since 1994 Education has changed drastically over time. “Children with special educational needs were seen as ‘imbeciles’ and the behaviour within the classroom was controlled by corporal punishment”; as cited in Changes in Education, 1994. Inclusion is about all children, not just children who have an SEN or an AEN need, which has stemmed from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Ofsted (2001) said inclusion is about ensuring that all children are included regardless of their SEN or AEN need, but also ethnicity, race, gender or religion. Analysis of both past and recent acts and legislations has shown the change within education and how SEN learners have had a greater impact on shaping education over time. The overview of Education discussed in this assignment will explain the development of education using the PESTLE framework (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2004). The 1944 Education Act, also known as the Butler Act proposed a new structure for the post-war British education system to address pupil’s personal and academic development, Digby and Searby (1981). The Education Act 1944 brought about the divide between Primary and Secondary children and raising the school leaving age to 15+, (Kelly, 2004). It gave all children a free education, but there were three different free types of schooling; Grammar, Secondary modern and Technical. The three types of schooling gave no option for
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