The Development Of Empathy And How Children Show Their Feelings Essay

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This literature review focuses on the development of empathy in early childhood, and how children show their feelings in everyday activity. How do you measure empathy? Which methods do you use to observe and measure empathy? What is the best way to improve empathetic and prosocial behavior in young children? These are a few of the questions I had going into this review. We know that teaching empathy is important, because teaching children to care is something that impacts their actions towards others throughout the rest of their lives. Empathy is not emphasized enough in schools in the United States. It is something that humans develop on their own throughout their lifetime. This past summer, I worked at a summer camp that was participating in a study about the development of empathy, and how to strengthen children’s connection between empathy, their feelings, and animal’s feelings. During this camp, we would give our campers this packets that compared an animal at the zoo, to them, a kid. Each page had pictures of things and a question. These questions were things like, what would you eat, what would a tiger eat, where would you sleep, where would an otter sleep and so on. This is what intrigued me into the idea of empathy and how children develop certain prosocial behaviors. In most of the research studies, the word empathy is often expressed through prosocial behavior, a note to remember when reading this literature review. The research studies in this review have a
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