The Development Of Engineers Without Borders

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Engineers without Borders aims to provide those living in poverty a higher standard of living through initiatives specifically engineered for their regions. One such project designed by Engineers without Borders is the Bambui initiative. Bambui, a village located in the North West Region of Central Africa’s Cameroon contains a small portion of Cameroon’s total population of 22.25 million people. Bambui, with a population of 50,000 people and its poor standard of living proves to be an obstacle. Due to the lack of infrastructure and urban planning of the markets which provide the village with much needed income, Engineers without Borders aims to improve the area by addressing these current problems with solutions.


The market of Bambui is one of the largest and most important aspects of the region, providing a source of income to the local community as well as the surrounding population who sell clothes, shoes and raw foods as well as food stalls and restaurants. The pollution identified throughout the markets comes mainly from the inability for them to dispose of waste properly due to lack of transportation in and out of the market, and also the sprawl of stalls. The accessibility of owners and locals through the market comes as a struggle and therefore require a plan in which would assist owners to receive their transported goods and also dispose of waste that was not sold throughout the day.

The pollution affects both the
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