The Development Of Gifted Adolescents

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Development Script When it comes to development, there are many different forms. A person goes through not only physical and intellectual development but also emotional and even social development. While some develop efficiently in all areas, others can encounter issues with their development in some or even all areas. No matter how one develops though there is always questions about it. How it all works, what to expect, and even why one is not developing in a certain way or like another person. Imagine you are a parent, how would you explain these developments to your child? What would you tell them about the changes they may encounter physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially? Physically Although gifted adolescents have a way of viewing things differently than that of an average adolescence, they still face the same physical changes. As the parent of a 14-year-old smart girl, it is important to approach the subject with honesty and maturity not to insult her intelligence. Explain to her that the increase in the size of her hips, breast, and the addition of pubic hair, are all characteristics of her sexual identity. Reassure her that the beginning of her menstrual cycle is normal for a girl that is leaving childhood and entering into the stage of adolescents. Discuss the new feelings that she may be experiencing, allow her to express these feelings openly. Intellectually On the intellect side of development, that occurs throughout one 's entire

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