The Development Of Gogol, By Jhumpa Lahiri

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As they reach the end of the novel, readers may recall how author Jhumpa Lahiri transitions between different characters’ viewpoints as the story progresses. Varying viewpoints permit readers to gain insight into the characters’ minds and understand the thinking behind their actions, which affect and shape Gogol’s life before and after he changes his name. Indeed, Lahiri shares the different perspectives of multiple characters to display their connections between each other, themselves, and the audience, which contribute to the overall development of Gogol’s life. Revealing the characters’ feelings furthers the audience’s understanding of relationships between Gogol and the other characters throughout the story and how they affect the…show more content…
The audience can perceive the human complexities found in the characters’ lives, as the book reveals their inner feelings. For instance, Lahiri includes one of Ashoke’s painful memories, the train incident: “Being rescued from that shattered train had been the first miracle of his life. But here, now, reposing in his arms, weighing next to nothing but changing everything, is the second (30). Ashoke’s memory of his near-death experience during the train-wreck in India helps the reader comprehend Nikolai Gogol’s impact on Ashoke’s life and explains the reasoning behind the origin of Gogol’s name, which becomes a main topic of conflict in the story, as Gogol develops discontent towards the name. After Gogol confronts his father about the need for a name change, which he justifies as being due to no one taking him seriously with his current name, he realizes that “the only person chronically aware of and afflicted by the embarrassment of his name…was Gogol” (100). As a teenager, Gogol’s uneasiness towards the lack of his own unique identity led to a dislike for his birth name. Lahiri includes his perspective regarding his namesake to demonstrate how the conflict causes Gogol to change his name to Nikhil. With the viewpoints of both Gogol and Ashoke, the audience comprehends the main conflict and the reasoning behind each of the characters’ decisions,

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