The Development Of Health Care

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With a growing population along with limited resources and food, Thomas Malthus predicted that the world would start to fall apart. Malthus inferred that over time, the rapidly increasing population growth would result in incidents of mass pollution and diminishing resources. In result of these issues, he implied that they would lead to larger issues, such as famine, disease, war, population collapse and ultimately, great suffering. With the current world population of seven billion, the world has reached and surpassed the carrying capacity, which will have negative impacts on humans. This is conveyed through the improving standard of life, depletion of resources and environmental issues.

In today’s society, the world has advanced by creating life saving drugs, and has also introduced these drugs to developing countries. This means that as families in low developing countries continue to have children, the likelihood of them surviving is higher than ever before. The development of health care in the developing countries helps the population live longer. For example, in Kenya the current statistic of children per woman is four. Unfortunately six to nine percent of all Kenyans have HIV/AIDS, so the life expectancy is low. Although there is no cure for HIV/AIDS there are drugs that help prolong the life of the people suffering with the disease. This means that more children will survive into adulthood and live longer. if one was to take into account the population clock…
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