The Development Of Heritage And Vacant Building Stock

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Dorf is a consulting firm specialising in adaptive reuse development of heritage and vacant building stock. We will provide strategic packages for developers, architects, planners and government agencies. We believe that the adaptive reuse of our heritage and aging built landscape is fundamental to environmental, social and cultural sustainability. Dorf advocates preservation through adaption, rather than blunt conservation and isolation. We believe that more attention and consideration is due to the respectful adaptive reuse of our Post War and modernist heritage, particularly in Brisbane. In the future, we aim to evolve our practice to include roles as developers, beginning with the development of a small scale reuse project in the next…show more content…
The Property Council of Australia has also indicated that Grade B commercial property is experiencing an increased vacancy rating, the secondary market of office property in Brisbane rising to 23% vacancy in 2016. In response to this, there has been a push from the City and Property councils to adapt such buildings into residential apartments, student accommodation, retirement living and hotels. Brisbane’s 41 George Street office tower is a key example of a piece of Brisbane’s Post War heritage with current potential for adaptive re-use projects, with speculative plans to transform the recently sold building’s 1,021sqm floor plate into refurbished offices, a hotel, residential apartments and student accommodation.
The combination of the increased demand for inner-city housing against high vacancy rates for office buildings is providing lucrative development opportunities for adaption into residential apartments. The forecast for house price growth in 2016 was 17% in Perth, 6% in Adelaide, 6% in Melbourne, 8% in Darwin, 19% in Sydney and 16% in Brisbane. Developers are looking towards the adaptive reuse of C and D grade office space across Australia capital cities into residential buildings. The economic prospects for adaptive reuse as residential apartments across Australian capital cities were verified by research conducted by JLL

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