The Development Of Human Growth And Development

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Human growth is a fact of life we all experience it whether we want to or not. It is what we are expected to do. There are many theories that are associated with human growth and development but one thing that remains true throughout is that all humans go through stages of development from birth to death. We all experience change in our life times. These changes help to shape us as human beings and hopefully as well adjusted human beings. Everything from our environment to our learning styles to our interactions with others can be described as human development and growth. Our interactions with scripture and how we interpret it is also part of our development.
The Bible should play an important role in our development. It should be one of the many factors that contribute to it. We, as Christians, should learn what the bible says about human growth and development so that we may pass it on to future generations. Since we are relentlessly trying to explore human behavior, it should seem reasonable to Christians that their source of knowledge, the bible, should be used as the textbook on intellect and human behavior. This should be the most authoritative textbook on the subject of human behavior. It is respected, it is impartial, and should be the final word on the subject. It should not matter whether people accept the principles of God 's Word or whether they agree with them or not, because every one (young, old, rich, poor, black, white, legal or illegal) are…
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