The Development Of Jazz During The 20th Century Essay

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The Development of jazz in the early 20th Century In the late 19th Century, a new art from was emerging out of the combination of all that had gone before it on American soil... jazz. Many factors propelled jazz music into the 20th century, but none as significant as those concerning race; the segregation between blacks and whites, and the political actions taken by the American government. From 1900 to 1940, it seems, three main jazz music eras brought their own set of political events and racial tensions from a long historical past particularly of African American slavery. With each era, the following statements always apply: When a people group suffers hardship, it results in the birth of valuable new ideas and culture. And: the development of all society has just as much an impact on the path of music as the music creators themselves. This essay will analyse these ideas throughout three different eras and provide a clear explanation on the evolution of music and how it draws from the good and bad around it. The birth of jazz Jazz takes its beginnings in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. After large amounts of immigration in the 19th century, New Orleans was one of the most
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