The Development Of Knowing : Cognitive And Moral Changes Essay

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The Development of Knowing: Cognitive and Moral Changes The development of a person is complex and occurs on many levels. Although developmental models differ, they all tend to suggest that development has the following characteristics (Neukrug, 2017, 2013): 1- Continual- goes on and on 2- Orderly, Sequential, builds upon itself- like steps 3- A change process - moving in different phases 4- Painful, yet growth producing- let go to grow 5- Hopeful - optimistic 6- Preventive and wellness oriented- concerning mental health According to Neukrug, there are many theories of human development. Some that stand out the most are physical development, cognitive and moral development, personality development and life span development (2017, 2013). According to Piaget, children pass through four periods of growth (Neukrug, 2017, 2013). The first is the sensorimotor stage. In this stage, children can respond to physical and sensory experience. They cannot maintain mental images because they do not have full language ability. The second stage is the preoperational stage, which is from ages 2-7. This is the stage where the child’s language has developed and they have the ability to maintain mental images. However, they do not yet have the ability to think logically. The third stage is the concrete-operational stage, which is from ages 7-11. Children in this stage begin to “figure things out” through logical tasks, but will have difficulty with metaphors and proverbs because they
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