The Development Of Management Theory

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The main focus behind the development of management theory is the quest for good ways to make use of managerial means. Management theory evolves constantly with the continuous stream of new ideas that come from the attempts to transform theory into practice, and vice versa (Aguinaldo & Powell, 2002). Progression in management theory normal happen as key personnel discover great methods to accomplish the most important management responsibilities: planning, organiz-ing, leading, and controlling human and other managerial means. This paper will show how man-agement theory having to do with suitable management processes has emerge in modern times, and view the main aspects that have led to its prosperity. First, I will discuss the exemplary management theories that transpired around the twentieth century. These involve scientific management, which center of attraction was on associating per-sonnel and jobs to increase effectiveness; and administrative management, which center of atten-tion is on recognizing the principles that will impel to the beginning of the nearly adept structure of management and organization. Next, you have behavioral management theories which was estab-lished both prior and subsequently the Second World War, which spotlight was on supervisors should guide and supervise their personnel to optimize their effectiveness. Then you have man-agement science theory, which was current during the Second World War and which has evolved to be very
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