The Development Of Mathematics Changes And Grows Continually

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Assessment 1A Maths The development of mathematics changes and grows continually. Teachers are finding new ways and strategies to keep up with learning and having a broader view on the ways chidren learn and develop. Their are many views of which theories are best suited in teaching mathematics, different age groups are better suited to different theories.Constructivism is a theory which has become a challenge in teaching mathematics with learning how to develop models of teaching that build on, and are consistent with, this theoretical perspective. Small-group interaction, nonroutine problem solving, and manipulative materials can be valuable tools in the hands of mathematics teachers.Theoretically based frameworks for teaching mathematics in a constructive way allow the potential to guide the use of these tools. A teacher can help students to develop new, more powerful mathematical concepts using the constructivism theory. Novice teachers who want their students to "construct" a particular idea, often ask for the idea from their students, consciously or unconsciously hoping that at least one student will be able to explain it to the others (Simon, 1991 ). The constructivism approach does not deal with a particular question or concept for example, if a group of students do not have a particular concept, how does a teacher work with them to foster their development of that concept? Constructivist theory is one perspective that works within a framework that helps build and
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