The Development Of Memory And Truth. After Doing Research

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The Development of Memory and Truth After doing research on Post Traumatic Stress disorder, there seemed to spark a striking argument of truth in memory based on how it is retrieved and convoluted with people’s previous perceptions. Truth and fact can be altered based on one’s viewpoint of a subject and preceding experiences. Authors can portray common themes in novels using drastically different methods such as character development, stylistic structures, and literary devices. In the novel In Our Time, by Ernest Hemingway, and Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison, both pieces end up developing a similar idea, but use different literary approaches. The idea both novels end up concluding to is that there really is no certain truths in…show more content…
The truth of who you are as a person is inexhaustible and cannot be represented by one certain thing. This is an essentialist idea that can only be reified by understanding all the background knowledge prior. The counter argument could be made that the authors include character development in novels only in order to progress the storyline or plot. This idea is faulty because readers often relate themselves to characters, which authors are aware of, and by doing this they can see the good and the bad in a character’s actions. The judgment of these characters and seeing progression or possibly regression is what draws out the underlying themes or concepts. Character development is not the only way that authors have expressed concepts, themes, or ideas in text. In the novel In Our Time, Hemingway uses more of simplistic language, but adds in stylistic structure and devices to portray his themes. With PTSD, the “truth” in memory occurs because of severe emotional and significant memories that are either constantly repressed or reawakened. The way Hemingway reveals these persistent memories is in the chapter Soldier’s Home where Kreb’s shows signs of repression of war memories and actively tries to avoid talking about it with the people in his town; ADD QUOTE?Hemingway continuously brings up how Krebs avoids talking to this person and that person, which is a

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