The Development Of Middle Childhood

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As a young child, I remember there were three things I had always wanted. First, I wanted a small black puppy with a white spot over its eye, like I had seen in the ‘One Hundred and One Dalmations”. Then, I wished for a lot of Barbie dolls that I could play with. Finally, my most important wish was that my mom and dad would stay together forever, like they did it the Disney movies. I had received my puppy that I loved. I had even received all the dolls I wanted from the Ariel collection. But, sadly, my last wish couldn’t be fulfilled because my parents had filed for divorce after being together and married for 20 years. As stated in the ‘Psychosocial Development in Middle Childhood’ power point divorce is considered a grieving process and we all had lost my dad. Not only had we lost our dad, but we lost a second income and support system in the household. So, I wasn’t surprised when it was stated divorced families typically have secondary losses because, after the divorce my mom, two sisters, and I had to move into a two bedroom apartment because we couldn’t afford the house anymore. My mom had received custody of my two sisters and me, and when my dad felt like dealing with us for the weekend, we went over to his one bedroom apartment. As stated in the textbook on page 258 and 259, children who experience their parents getting a divorce tended not do as well in school, have and maintain normal relations with others, and had a harder and longer time getting use to different
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