The Development Of Networking And Communications

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Although founded in the later part of 1984, Cisco Systems, Inc. had become available to the public 1990. Though out the past twenty years Cisco Systems, has undoubtedly dominated the technology market. The beginning of the company was the typical “get rich quick” semantic: come up with a useful product then make millions off of it. It all began with one person requesting a network extension cord and with that there the gears in the mind of Cisco Systems founder, along with others, began turning. This evolved into the creation of a multiprotocol router. From this, the product would be transform from a snowball effect to the creation of many new and improved products that would advance the growing world of technology and act as the beginning phase of the development of networking and communications (Carey). They transformed themselves from two people creating a product in their living room using funds from their own credit cards to the fifth most successful business in the world with a worth of $175 billion (Cisco Corporate Overview and Resources). We learned in the text that for any business in the twenty-first century to survive, they must provide a vision (Kurtz 20). The text continues on to state that a vision is the ability to perceive what a market wants and what the market place must do to satisfy them. With a vision of changing the way we work, live, play, and learn, Cisco Systems, Inc. is consistently researching and innovating new ideas. The technology market is…
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