The Development Of New Zealand Art From The 20th Century

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“The development of New Zealand Art from the 20th into the 21st Century”
New Zealand is home to various great artists who have crafted and created a platform for current, new and upcoming New Zealand artists. Throughout the 19th Century New Zealand artwork was predominantly based around New Zealand’s scenery, artists during the 20th Century such as Rita Angus demonstrated through her artworks landscapes and sceneries of New Zealand whereas other New Zealand artists such as Gordon Walters incorporated suitable Maori patterns and styles in his artworks.
During the 20th Century it was apparent that New Zealand artists such as Colin McCahon was heavily influenced by international artists and their artworks, adapted the style of cubism and began to use in his own works. In the late 20th Century New Zealand began to acknowledge culture and diversity within the country, it was then a beginning for Maori artists to become common and known of where many would unite European modernism with traditional Maori features together. A notable Maori artist being the late Ralph Hotere, who during his time was New Zealand’s highest selling artist. Hotere plays a significant role in not only in New Zealand art history but Maori history too as he broke barriers of being a Maori artist, other current artists such as Shane Cotton and Michael Parekowhai are also important as they are successful modern, Maori artists.
Numerous artists who compose contemporary Maori artworks also associate their work
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