The Development Of On Line Shopping

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Brick and mortar used to be the only means of how we purchased products or services; however that changed with the invention of the WWW. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact date on-lining shopping started. The development of on-line shopping was such a gradual process since its very beginnings to when the first transaction took place. I think the best year to use is 1995, since that was the year when Amazon, Dell, Cisco started selling products to customers online. That same year is also when EBay became a popular online website for customers to sell their treasures. This is approximately when the craze of on-line shopping started. E-commerce keeps growing every year with no slowdown in sight. Customers today still prefer to shop on-line because of multiple reasons. The first one is that it’s convenient, because it’s very easy to quickly log onto a computer and place an order for a product. A second reason would be that it is less expensive, since there is no wear and tear on a car for driving to the store, no gas, no expenses for eating out while shopping and less impulsive purchases are made. Another reason worth mentioning is that customers can find a greater variety of a certain product on-line then in-store. Plus it would be very time consuming to go to as many stores as websites were visited to see the same variety of products. The final reason to shop on-line vs. brick and mortar would be the ease of comparison shopping. Multiple websites have also been developed
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