The Development Of Professional Identity

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Within this section, the responses from the four questionnaires returned will be shared and discussed. This is a small sample and all are based within one establishment so it is important to remember that the findings may only be applicable to this establishment and are not intended to be a generalisation or evidence about the development of professional identity in all schools.
In response to the general questions at the beginning of the questionnaire that were intended as straightforward factual questions to slide the subjects gently into discussion, it was shown that there is a breadth of teaching experience as expected. The minimum length of time teaching was five years and the longest was thirty-eight years. However, because two of the respondents had been employed in careers other than teaching the length of service did not mirror the age profile. This is significant in that this is an established team who has previously worked through many changes together. There was a range of responsibilities in terms of both subject expertise and responsibilities in terms of pay scale i.e. there were responses from teachers on the main pay scale, upper scale and from teachers with teaching and learning responsibility points.
Following the collation of information about teaching contexts and histories, the remaining questions were analysed and studied to see if there were any common themes. Where common themes occurred, they will form the basis of the detailed analysis and
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