The Development Of Software Development

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I. Introduction In today’s software development, quality is a significant factor of software projects. Companies always expect that software developers could deliver a product with as many as possible demanded quality. How to allocate those limited resources transparently and effectively during the quality assurance activities and how to balance the risk and quality while software development? Current methods indicate us that we need to mitigate quality risks and emphasize the constraints of limited resources for quality assurance activities simultaneously. Moreover, as the development of software management, the time of which customers could not see their software product until delivering is gone. Nowadays, it is much more emphasis on getting the feedback of stakeholder about the project quality. Therefore, a major issue is how could developers or software project managers reaches an agreement with customers about project functions or features. In order to solve this problem, Alexander Poth and Ali Sunyaev attempt to establishing a method, which allow stakeholder could participate in the selection of functions and features phase. To do this, both project developers and stakeholders would have a confidence of the quality of a project. Due to this attempt, they develop the effective quality management, which focuses on the effectiveness of risk mitigation during project process. II. Related Works Many software quality management methods had been generated and improved
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