The Development Of Telescope

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Throughout human history, civilization was built and developed upon a sense of mystery. In the ancient time, people believed the existence of eternal God, who lived beyond people’s vision in the vastness of dark sky, and developed their own routine upon that. Observed this mysterious sky for centuries, Greek astronomer Ptolemy finally developed a geocentric model in the Second Century A.D in his book Almagest. In his work, Ptolemy made all of his assumptions were purely based on observations. In 1543, a Polish astronomer Nicholaus Copernicus polished a heliocentric model, which again was derived on visual evidences. These revolutionary discoveries took years to complete. As a comparison, modern astronomical science, which explains the origin of the universe and life cycle of stars, was established and rapidly developed in merely four hundred years: people now understood so much about the universe. These astonishing developments were the result of observational technology advancement: everything people know about this universe is from observation. From simple optical telescopes to radio telescopes and high-energy telescopes, people constantly improve observational technologies to make more discoveries. This scientific development reached its climax as people launched a revolutionary telescope above the atmosphere for a better quality of image. These revolutionary changes in observational technology help this universe be more comprehensive to human. The first telescope-like
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