The Development Of The Adolescent Health Status Of Young Children Essay

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Introduction: Adolescents are a group often overlooked when it comes to health interventions. Currently there are many services to assist parents with young children involving early intervention and community based services both nationally and in the MidCentral region. The availability and accessibility of those services have meant that there has been an overall improvement in the health of young children. In comparison the improvement of health in adolescents has been much less. (1) In particular concern for this group are mental health disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancy. (3) In MidCentral, some initiatives have already been implemented to improve the accessibility of health services to youth. This paper will look at these current services and examine aspects that could be improved as well as propose alternative ideas that can contribute to the improvement of the adolescent health status in this region. Issues affecting Adolescents: An investigation was made exploring the factors that may contribute to adolescent behavior called Improving the Transition – Reducing Social and Psychological morbidity during adolescence. Mentioned in the report is that there is a large increase in mortality and morbidity during adolescence by almost 200% compared with childhood. Adolescents undergo many physical and emotional changes as a result of puberty. Brain maturation is also occurring but is not complete until later in life. The
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