The Development Of The Autonomous Vehicle

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The autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that can drive itself without having human input. These vehicles are programmed with complex algorithms to mimic human behavior, but also operate on a level of consistency that humans have a hard time replicating. As we move into a new era of transportation, automotive vehicles are going to help change the way society operates. Why change a system that we have been using for over one hundred years? In the automobiles of today, we have to get in and manually give the car inputs. Since human error is natural, a lot can go wrong when you are moving a two ton chunk of metal at alarming speeds. That is where autonomous vehicles (AVs) help us. Over the years we have found the need to remove the human element…show more content…
One vital way in which autonomous vehicles will dramatically alter society is that they will have a tremendous impact on police forces around the world, potentially cutting the need for them in half. Much of the day to day work for police and law enforcement is to enforce traffic rules and responding to accidents. Having autonomous vehicles would mean fewer police would be needed for these tasks. According to McKinsey, their projects are trying to promote that in the future, autonomous vehicles will free up huge amounts of parking space, reduce auto accidents and allow people to have more time to enjoy TV shows, movies and digital media. Inside of the autonomous vehicles, the interiors will become more like living rooms, allowing people to get more sleep while they are on their way to work. Autonomous vehicles will allow to open up new business models and self-employment opportunities. Since we will not be required to operate the vehicles, our time in front of a computer screen will increase. People will view thirty to forty percent more ads as commutes will become the preferred space to work. This whole drastic change from us controlling the vehicle to a full autonomous vehicle will change today’s forms of transportation and completely boost mobility by allowing people, including the young, old, and disabled, to get around without having to walk, without having to know how to drive, and without having to wait for a bus or train. Operating without a driver and using
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