The Development Of The Communist Manifesto In The European

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The development of the communist manifesto in the European region has led to the influencing of the different structures present in the area. The communist manifesto has resulted in the formation of holy alliances in the European region. It is due to the effects of the Manifesto that Marx developed the journal to address the issue. The importance of this journal is to highlight the sociological problems that have resulted from the manifesto. The fact that the manifesto has been highlighted by the European powers to be a force that influences the activities conducted in the region. This paper thus seeks to highlight important aspects that will be incorporated in the analysis of the communist manifesto developed by Marx and its significance…show more content…
Through bourgeoisie, which incorporated the serfs and the middle ages, there were developed cities in the ancient times that have developed to be the modern day cities. It is from the effects of communism that America was discovered and the rounding of the Cape (Marx, & Fredrick, 4). This in return provided an opportunity for the growth and development of the bourgeoisie. In line with the journal, the communist manifesto also brought about the development of the markets in the far Asian regions of China. This accelerated industrialization in the region due to the need to increase production of finished goods for the general population. As a result of the population pressure witnessed in the European region, industrial developments were monopolized and thus their production was insufficient to cater for the ever-growing population pressure in the European region. It was due to this that there was the need to revolutionize machinery to cater for the production. This led to the improvements if the type of engines from steam engines to modern systems of machinery that would produce sufficient goods for the public. The development of modern forms of the market as described by Marx led to the establishment of the global markets. The market developed was grown by the rapid developments witnessed in commerce, formal means of communication through land and the improvements in the navigation
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