The Development Of The European Colonies

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The development of the European colonies from the beginning in 1607 to the end of the American Revolution when the Constitution was ratified in 1789 had many effects on the Native American Indians. (pg.58, 283) This period of time for the Indians was a time of rapid change and oppression. To better understand what the Indians experienced when the European colonists or settlers arrived there are key events that need to be explained. I believe that these key events where the most important and created the most conflict. The events that I will be discussing are; Jamestown, the colonists and Algonquian wars, smallpox, the Beaver wars, economic change, the industrious revolution, the Walking purchase, the Indian Awakening, losing French support, Pontiac’s rebellion, the Declaration of Independence, Indians fighting in the Revolution, and finally the Treaty of Greenville. I believe that these events highlight what cause and effect the European settlers had on the Native Americans. The first interactions with the settlers started at Jamestown. This settlement was a marshy part of Virginia that was on the banks of the James River in the Tsenacommacah people’s territory. (pg. 58). The Chief Powhatan wanted to incorporate the settlers into his tribe. With the help of his daughter Pocahontas he was able to establish peace between the two people. However that changed when the Virginia Company policy changed in the late 1600s. (pg.61). It gave the male settlers the right to
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