The Development Of The Horror Genre Throughout The Years

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Makhi Hughes
Section 5
15 November, 2016
Final Semester Paper
The Development of the Horror Genre Throughout the Years "Both horror and science fiction explore the boundaries of what is means to be human (Belton, 272)." This is done by emphasizing the dilemmas of the figures who straddle the border of human and non-human (Belton, 273). Horror and Sci-fi contain narratives that take on a form of a search for knowledge that will enable the human race to overcome any obstacle that involves a supernatural force (Belton, 273); the story lines require a search or journey to resolve the issue. Horror and Sci-fi often overlap when there is a monster featured in a sci-fi film; or when a horror film is set in the future (Belton, 271). The two differ in purpose, horror, a sub-genre for sci-fi, was created to generate fear through a figure of a monster or supernatural being. While Sci-fi has a chief purpose of focusing on science and reasoning (Belton, 272). The development of both genres is created to a number of works done throughout the years. The improvement of special effects, influences from the original masters of suspense, camera angles, and heightened elements of the horror film genre has allowed it to maintain its popular demand amongst audiences for decades.
Although Native Americans have passed legends about werewolves, evil spirits, and monsters from tribe to tribe since before the 14th century, it was not until this time that spiritual literature emerged with the
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