The Development Of The Human Being

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Throughout our lifetime we experience different events, adapt to customs, attempt to meet expectations, attach ourselves to certain people and objects, set goals for ourselves, etc. Even though we, as human beings, grow up and develop our lives, our life course does not always reflect the same as some of our peers. Our paradigm differs depending on the experiences that we are exposed to along with the geographical location in which we are placed. The Generation in which we are born in influences the type of person that we become and every generation differ due to the changes that keep occurring in our world.
There are several situations that touch our life course paradigm. If we compare people born in different eras we will find differences in their experiences and expectations as they were growing up, however, if we compare people born in the same era but in different geographical locations, they too will have different expectations and life experiences growing up. The development of the human being has been a topic that has been researched and studied by several professionals throughout the years. Some well-known professionals such as Jean Piaget, Erik Erickson, and Lawrence Kohlberg have brought up several well-known theories. These professionals came up with their beliefs of what the human development looks like, but as to all three, not everyone agreed with their theories. As stated before, the human development can be very divergent depending on geographic…
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