The Development Of The Millennium Development Goals

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During the past one year and until now, there has been more than 14,000 people infected by Ebola Virus and about 5000 people died. Situations are still not under control, though efforts have been made by countries and organizations. Today I called for your attention in this vulnerable but significant issues: assure health and well-being lives for everyone around the world. I stand here represent my country’s government and people to make the commitment: we shall both improve the standard of living of people in China and exchange and aid other countries, in particular those least developed countries. We are gathered here today, just a few days before Thanksgiving and with lots of things we could be thankful for. We have to affirm, in terms of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the progress we have accomplished, the lives we have helped and the dream we are reaching. There are brave people remaining at their position fighting with Ebola, there are different government and non-government organizations providing aids focusing on various diseases patients, there are significant decline in all index proposed in the MDGs. But we cannot let progress turn to complacency. 800 women died every day from maternal causes. 18,000 children under 5 died every day, with incredible high rate in WHO African Region: 95 per 1000 live births. About 3 million people died due to AIDs, tuberculosis, malaria and other communicable diseases, though we already got effective treatment or
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