The Development Of The Recovery Team

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The Plan is divided into several parts that the recovery team(s) must refer to at the time of interruption. Each part under Plan Execution will guide the team(s) through a different stage of the process for maintaining or recovering essential business functions. Three sections of the plan are linear, in that if all of them are implemented (which may or may not be required depending on the nature of the interruption), they will follow one another in chronological order. The supporting and reference elements of the plan are contained in the appendices and are not part of the linear plan. Specifically: Response Procedures: This section describes the short-term response activities performed by the individual(s) discovering the incident and…show more content…
Recovery Procedures: The information provided in this section delivers critical information for EPCOR to recover its operations in the short to medium term to “minimum acceptable levels of service” so that normal operations are minimally disrupted by the interruption. For the recovery of business functions that are not dependent on IT infrastructure, an risk / hazard analysis of the business function will determine critical dependencies that will drive the need for particular strategies such as spare parts, offsite recovery, workload transfer, supply replenishment, etc. For the recovery of business functions using IT infrastructure, restoration of the work area (including associated technology), replacement of personnel (resulting from loss of personnel following a Pandemic) and business application systems must be performed. BU/Department strategy may choose to leverage or align with a corporate recovery strategy and be aware of any initiatives, corporate or otherwise, to ensure economies of scale and cost are leveraged accordingly. During the recovery period, the site will need to maintain business critical processes and procedures where possible, and stockpile transactions while waiting for systems restoration. There may be a loss of data due to the timing of backups and their availability at offsite storage after a disaster event which is
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