The Development Of The Roman Republic

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The development of the Roman Republic is an overshadowed, yet important, piece of Roman civilization. When asked about Rome many only relish in the grand military expansions or grand virtues of the organized empire that was established. However, full of turmoil Rome was left to battle its own structural demons. Romans based their identities off of unwritten morals and beliefs established through tradition. The struggle within Rome is evident throughout the writings of Appian and Rigsby. The development of the Twelve Tables brings forth the beginning of Rome’s attempt to establish order throughout the republic and balance both the cultural and economic beliefs. I will prove that the Roman Republic used law in an effort to keep cultural traditions and establish economic prosperity. Rome originally based the law systems on codes of unwritten law. This law based itself upon basic morals and the idea to have an upstanding virtue as an individual. However, this legal system soon came to an end due to the abuse and twisting of the law codes, so that those in power could oppress the common people. A furor for an establishment of written law over took the plebians, law that would establish a fair and opportunistic life. The “Twelve Tables” sought to shorten the gap between plebians and patricians by setting a written law code, which embraced the moral beliefs all romans shared. The moral values and unwritten law code are established evidently in the “Twelve Tables”, “When a person
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