The Development Of The Self And The Ability Of Form Relationships With Parents

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The development of the self and the ability to form relationships with others both begin in infancy, as the child starts to understand its own existence. The formation of close relationships with parents and, eventually, with peers is crucial to the psychological and physiological well-being of a child. The first signs of self-awareness can generally be found by age two. Children at this stage can recognize themselves in the mirror and in photographs, as well as use personal pronouns to refer to themselves. One popular test of self-recognition involves discreetly putting a small mark, usually an ink dot, on the forehead of a child. When the child is told to look at their reflection in a mirror, a child that has developed…show more content…
The social world is not as concrete as the physical world, and is governed by subjective laws that change from person to person. Whenever people are incorporated into a task, that task instantaneously becomes much harder and this is especially true for young children. If a child does not yet have the ability to recognize their “inner self”, it is virtually impossible for them to have effective communication with someone else, whereas this child can easily figure out that an object dropped from the highchair will inevitably fall to the ground. Relationships are incredibly important to both our functioning as a society and our existence as a species. If relationships were considered bad, then there would be serious repercussions. The most obvious is the strong decline in reproduction that would occur as a result, also neurosis would be widespread from social isolation. Relationships also help to motivate us. Upward social comparison occurs when we compare ourselves to those who are perceived to be better than us (Festinger 1954). In most people, this creates motivation to try and reach this peak, so long as it is an achievable goal. Relationships also supply us with affection and the benefits of attachment. As people grow older, attachment with others is necessary to supplant that which was felt with their parents, as proximity to them is decreased with the emergence of
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