The Development Of The Welfare State And The Nhs

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The Development of the Welfare State and the NHS This essay will examine how the development of the Welfare State and the NHS changed the lives of the people of Britain since its introduction in 1948. To enable me to do so, I will analyse and evaluate the key relevant aspects that happened during that period. Social policies often are based on the government’s philosophies and ideologies. In 19th century, Britain had the Laissez-faire approach which led the economic life. This meant that there was not government’s interference. It is also important to emphasise that Health service providers such as the NHS are involved in the social policy making process, which seeks to achieve different goals, establishing targets and points of reference in the short, medium and long-term. Policies will give the outline of priorities and an overview of the role of different groups. It also builds consensus as well as inform people. Task 1 AC 1.1 & AC 2.1 As a consequence of the industrialisation in Britain, the mobilisation of masses started. Working class families migrated from other cities seeking for job opportunities and a better life. However, industrialised cities became affected by this and soon became overcrowded. Working class families used to dwell in tenements in rather poor sanitary conditions due to the lack of hygiene and artificial feeding in children. Children and their parents struggled to cope with freezing temperatures during the winter since they could not afford to pay
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