The Development Of The World Population

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During the course of the long history, the development of the world population directly depends on the mode of social production, especially the level of development of productive forces. In the history, mankind got the tremendous progress in productivity often with the population rapid develop. In the primitive society, the primitive society 's population birth rate and the mortality rate all maintained at about 50% because of the objective law and the social production mode. The number of the population maintain in a state of high birth, high death, and almost stagnant growth. After entering the era of capitalism, the population rapid grows due to the industrial revolution in Europe in 18th. From the early nineteenth century to 1950, Europe, the United States and other developed countries’ population growth 2.35 times in the 150 years, meanwhile other developing countries population growth of only 1.31 times. After World War II, the second wave of the population happened in the whole world. In 1950-1988, the world population became doubled. When entered the second half of the 20th century, the unprecedented population growth was coming. Not only the population growth rate reached a historical peak level, and the population increase over more than two million years of human history accumulated in the total population. As we all know that population problem affect the state of the economy and it can cause many kinds problems. Nowadays, effectively solving the population
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