Essay on The Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act

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Undocumented students are unable to further their education after completing the public education system. The Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act) was created by a proposal to cease penalizing children of illegal immigrants who were brought over to the United States by their parents at an early age. The DREAM Act includes many requirements that are necessary to be considered an applicant. The DREAM Act must be implemented in order to provide hard-working individuals greater opportunities, due to the fact that undocumented students are discriminated by cause of their illegal status. Over sixty-five thousand undocumented high school students graduate each year. Many undocumented students drop out of high …show more content…
In addition to attending college, they must serve two years in the armed forces. The DREAM Act helps provide undocumented students financial assistance when attending college. Being undocumented presents many challenges in education. Undocumented students face many obstacles throughout their lives because of their undocumented status. Being undocumented allows many people to discriminate against illegal individuals (Jones 1). Limits are put on undocumented students leaving them with a lower quality of education. Illegal immigrants are being driven out of the country, leaving the United States suffering economically (Peña 1). Deportation is being summoned in order to try and repair the economic downfall of the United States. Undocumented students live with constant fear of being deported at any given time (Jones 1). They are unaware of how long they will be able to stay in the education system. Undocumented students do not possess the same rights as documented citizens (Jones 1). Many of the students are unable to afford college because they are not allowed to pay in-state tuitions. Immigrants are being forced out of their jobs (Peña 1). Lacking an income, students are unable to afford going to college. Undocumented students cannot acquire any form of federal aid unlike citizens (Palacios 1). They have difficulties moving forward academically. Not being able to attend college after high school prevents students from being able to

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