The Development Start From The Leader Firs, The Department Of Education

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1- A: a staff development : the development start from the leader firs, the department of education can choose the good leader for the school to maintain a higher level .the choose of staff and teacher depends on leader because the leader have more experience in teachers behavior . However, the development also can be in many thing for example , in teacher performance , experience ,ideas , dealing with students and all staff (behavior or relation ) and understanding of teacher standards or keys B: the instructional supervision effects can evaluate the performance of teachers and staff. The effects can be positive or negative depends on supervision works. Because the supervision works need managing to guide their staff to be in a wonderful methods. According to the theory Y I knew that the work can be enjoyable for school staff by understanding their environments, problems and physical condition. Every teachers have a different style in teaching that’s why the leader must give a chance or space to their teachers to show the talents and professional way with the students and support them. C: the assessment and evaluation of teaching have many rules or points to know the teachers performance from it. 1- The students score in each test or exam they will take it. The result can show the understanding of students and their level, growth also, determination the teacher educate and knowledge. 2- The method of teaching have a huge effects and challenge for student and teacher.
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