The Development and Provison of Prison Library for Juvenile

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Prisons are institutions that place physical confined for individuals who has been charged with or likely to be charged with a criminal offense may be held on remand in prison if they denied, refused or unable to meet conditions of bail, or is unable to post bail. If found guilty, a defendant will be convicted and may receive a custodial sentence requiring imprisonment. But the most severe punishment of individuals is death penalty. Inmates who have served in prison for long periods of time will be expected to be able to change their attitude to be the better person. While society expects them to be the better person, they also will have difficulties reinstating back into society and understanding the
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The existence of the academic classes indirectly encourages young prisoners to use the prison library to obtain information relating to the education received.

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Malaysia Prison Regulations 2000
Prison Department used Prison Regulations 2000 for the general principles of prison administration. Prison Regulations 2000 contained the importance of education, rehabilitation and prison library.

a) Regulation 147 : Religious education.
The Officer-in-Charge shall make arrangements for the conduct of religious or moral education for prisoners under his charge by the following persons: i- Prison officer who is qualified to be a religious instructor. ii- In respect of Muslim prisoners, any person who has been issued with "tauliah" under any law relating to the administration of Islamic laws iii- In respect of non-Muslim prisoners, a person nominated by any religious association which is lawfully registered.

b) Regulation 150 : Religious book
There shall so far as practicable be available for the personal use of every prisoner books of religious observance and instruction or any other religious articles recognised for his denomination as are accepted by the Officer-in-Charge for use in prison.

c) Regulation 151 : Educational classes. i- At every prison

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