The Development of Human Resource Management in China

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HRM is short for Human Resource Management and identified as a new managerial science. HRM is originally invented by western academicians. Its history is not long and it has become more and more popular in the recent years. In Australia, HRM is replacing the old IR system as positive managerial action replaces “ground rules”. (Alexander, Lewer & Gahan, 2008) In China, the business society has been significantly affected by “guanxi”. A mount of “ground rules” were created gradually in China’s business society. It means that after China’s reform and open policy had operated for 30 years, China still has not seriously developed a scientific managerial method for human resource. Thanks to the more and more frequently communication
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However, HRM is not just appraisal. Now business people know that HR also creates value by increasing intelligence in the firm and HR professionals would translate their work into financial performance. (Ulrich, 1997)
Consequently, ten years earlier, HRM is more likely to be a department for people who got demotion to go. Business people’s understanding of HRM was not comprehensive enough. Therefore its theory and practice were not operated in a right way. It is fortunate today that this science has got more and more attention. People begin to realise its impact on the financial performance. It is a totally new area of management practice. Time for HRM dynasty has come.
Q2 At what stage of development is the HR profession in China?
Since 1978, China’s reform and open policy has taken. China’s marketing economy has only experienced 30 years. Unlike the developing history of HRM in the west, China would experience one certain stage in a very short period and shift to the next while in western country it might take several decades. Because of western countries’ successful experience for HRM development, the managerial science communication about business has given China a great experience. Therefore, it is likely for China to develop in HRM very quickly. More than ten years ago, it may refer to Stage 5, The Organisation Man. Today, HRM in China is developing in a western way. Due to it is developing too fast in China. Therefore, it might have shifted into the next
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