The Development of IT Systems in Saudi Arabia's Public Sectors

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One of the key priorities of governments internationally is to ensure that they will be able to develop the necessary mechanisms for the increase of their countries’ competitiveness in the international community. In this case, the increase of competitiveness is related with the increase of the power of the country to intervene in political issues of high importance; it is also related with the improvement of the country’s position in the global market. Information technology is commonly used as a tool of the achievement of the above targets
(Xu et al., 2009, p.18); current study focuses on the potential role of information system as a tool for achieving competitive advantage; reference is made to the
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From another point of view, Rocheleau et al. (2002) noted that the development of information systems in modern organizations is differentiated in accordance with the organizational needs and structure (Stair et al. 2009, p.14); the resources available for the realization of the relevant projects are also expected to be taken into consideration when having to design and establish a specific information technology system (Shah et al., 2009,
p.144). In this context, it is assumed that differences are likely to appear between the information systems used in the private sector and those involved in activities of the public sector. Regarding this issue, Rocheleau et al. (2002) state that ‘there are important differences between public and private information systems; competition forces businesses to use information technology (IT) as a weapon to gain competitive advantage’ (Rocheleau et al., 2002, p.379); on the other hand, the empirical research developed by Rocheleau et al. (2002) led to the conclusion that organizations in the public sector are likely to appreciate the value of IT systems as much as the private organizations do (Lytras et al., 2009, p.31); however, the latter have been found to be willing to invest significant amount of money on the training of the staff on the IT systems. The examination
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