The Development of Japanese Manga and Anime Essay

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The Development of Japanese Manga and Anime Manga is a Japanese word that is generally used to refer to comics or cartoons while Anime is a term used to refer to animation, also originating from Japan. The origin of manga can be traced to the 18th century. The word was used for the first time in 1798 in Japan to describe Shiji no yukikai, a picture book. The term resurfaced again in 1814 when it was used as the title of books written by Akinwai Minwa; Hokusai Manga and Manga Hyakujo. These books contained drawings that had been made by Hokusai, a famous Japanese woodlock print artist. The above facts dispel and clarify the popularised myth that manga was invented by Hokusai (McCloud 79). Schodta (152) explains that one millennium prior…show more content…
However, some people deny that kibyoshi is a direct ancestor of modern Japanese manga. However, it became extinct by mid-19th century.
The development of modern Japanese manga became more pronounced around the mid-20th century, and many art critics state that this is the actual period of the development of modern Japanese manga. Wood (1) explains that in the period 1945-1952, the US occupied Japan. During this time, there was an explosion of artistic creativity and the US troops introduced to Japan American cartoons and comics like Mickey Mouse, Bambi and Betty Boop. These inspired the Japanese artists to come up with their own style of comics.
Osamu Tezuka, a Japanese cartoonist invented the large distinctive eyes that are prominent in both anime and manga. For this reason, Tezuka is also referred to as the Godfather of anime and the God of manga. Tezuka’s popular works called Mighty Atom which was produced as a series called Astro Boy became the first Japanese TV series to embody the aesthetic characteristic that came to be known as anime worldwide. The TV series Astro Boy was broadcast in Japan for the first time in 1963(Schodtb 109).
According to Schodtb (111), Tezuka’s manga was quite different from other manga producers that came before him. For example, most prior manga were produced in the style of a stage play and from a two dimensional perspective. In addition, interactions of
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